Notre Dame is Burning

The famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris burning. The official cause has not been announced yet, although the media is hinting toward it having been an accident. It had been under renovation and there are rumours the accident got its start from there. As can be seen in the picture, there are scaffolding on the church.



I have my doubts, but let’s explore the possibility of an accident. First of all if it was an accident due to the renovation crew’s mistake, they’re the worst crew in the world and the whole company should get bankrupt. Renovations are supposed to do the opposite of burning down the building. I found a New York Times article from 2017 saying how the cathedral badly needs renovation. According to the article the architect in charge is Philippe Villeneuve. I found a French website La Compagnie des Architectes en Chef des Monuments Historiques that employes a man of the same name. I presume it’s the same man.

Notre Dame is one of the most iconic, historical and famous buildings in the world, so you’d think they would take the necessary precautions to ensure they don’t accidentally burn it down or cause other irreparable damage. Shouldn’t there be smoke detectors there, if a spark set something on fire? How did the fire get so large before it was noticed? The company behind the renovation seems professional enough, even their name is a mouthful. Certainly looking at the state of the current president of France, it is somewhat plausible that they don’t really care about the historical achievements of France, and thus would allow incompetence to lead to something like this. Yet I doubt it.


My usual Conspiracy Schtick

I believe the fire has been deliberate. It certainly is a symbolical blow to French and Christian history.  Some people are even predicting or joking that if the whole building burns down, they will erect a mosque there. Sounds plausible.

It’s also exactly one month since the Christchurch attack in New Zealand on a mosque. It happened March 15. Too coincidental for my taste. For an attack on a Muslim religious building, although not a very historical one, and now Notre Dame is burning.

According to some comments I’ve seen it took around 40 minutes for the fire department to arrive and start hosing down the fire. If that’s true, sounds like it’s way beyond incompetence. It’s in the center of Paris, and a well-known building is burning down. You’d think they’d get to it pretty fast.

My guess is that the renovation was a cover for setting up this fire. That is was deliberate. Whether or not Philippe Villeneuve’s company was involved in this operation, I cannot say. French president Jupiter, I mean Macron, had been in trouble for months due to the Yellow Vests protesters. In fact he was going address them and possibly announce new policies today, or might be doing it as I type this. Now that the cathedral is burning down, it can be used to demoralize French nationalist sentiment, to direct attention towards people virtue signalling over this tragedy, and to paint the Yellow Vests as insensitive if they continue to protest after this fire, because all French should come together to overcome the tragedy. In fact, the Yellow Vests will probably be blamed for the fire directly or indirectly. Either they claim that a Yellow Vest started the fire, or the cathedral burned down because the govenment had to allocate too many forces to combat them instead of focusing on protecting historical sites like this.

In recent times many other French churches have been purposefully desecrated as well. What a coincidental time that this fire happened now.


Interesting Comments

Some interesting comments have emerged on social media regarding Notre Dame’s fire. The Jewish Worker has sought to remind us of our anti-semitic White privilege, as any good Jew always will do.


There’s also a video showing the Notre Dame burning in the background and loads of people with Arabic names showing a smiley face. I cannot upload the video here, so here’s a screencap.


These Semitic people surely are our brothers and share our pain, am I right?



Notre Dame is still burning as I type this, so it’s difficult to say anything for sure. Yet I find the level of incompetence required for the fire so immense I find it hard to believe it was merely an accident. If it had been a bunch of rogue Muslims or other arsonists sounds also far-fetched. Shouldn’t there be some sort of security to prevent this, unless the security was conveniently lacking today. If this was some sort of false flag, the purpose would be symbolical demoralization and a distraction from other events.



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